Ultimate Release

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What's included?

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Laying the Groundwork
Project Management & Planning
29 mins
Distributing Your Music
9 mins
Target Audience Worksheet.pdf
448 KB
Finding Your Target Audience
19 mins
Laying the Groundwork: Quiz
How to Get on Music Blogs
39 mins
Cold/Intro Email Template.docx
6.39 KB
Follow Up Email Template.docx
6.27 KB
Press Release Example #1.pdf
334 KB
Press Release Example #2.pdf
546 KB
Press Release Example #3.pdf
822 KB
Press Release Example #4.pdf
204 KB
How to Get on Music Blogs: Quiz
Spotify Masterclass w/ ToneDen
43 mins
Facebook & Instagram Ads for Musicians
Intro to Facebook Ads
How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager
Facebook & Instagram Ads for Musicians: Quiz
Launching Your Pre-Save Campaign
HyperFollow & Pixels
16 mins
Hyperfollow & Pixels: Quiz
Scheduling Our Post & Writing Copy That Converts
17 mins
Scheduling Our Post & Writing Copy That Converts: Quiz
Targeting the Right People
34 mins
Targeting the Right People: Quiz
Pre-Save Launch
38 mins
Pre-Save Recap
16 mins
Pre-Save Optimization
36 mins
Release Day
Release Day Prep.
18 mins
A Dive Into Independent Playlist Submissions
25 mins
Results Check-In & Optimization
18 mins
DSP Growth Part I
21 mins
DSP Growth Part II
23 mins
What Now?
9 mins
Bonus Lessons
How to Get Views INSTANTLY on Your Facebook Posts
7 mins
Let's Talk About Audience Retention...
13 mins