How to Plan & Market Your Release by simpl.

How to Plan & Market Your Release

Dive into our free ebook that covers a modern release strategy.
In this ebook you will find..
  • What it means to market your music
  • How to clearly define your goals 
  • A comprehensive guide on finding your target audience
  • Worksheets, checklists + more

What's included?

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Setting the Stage
What is Music Marketing?
Clearly Define Your Goals
Let's Talk Money
How Do You Save Money As A Musician?
Band Fund Worksheet
26.7 KB
Sample Band Fund Worksheet
28 KB
How to Set Your Goals
Goal Map Worksheet
10.3 KB
Sample Goal Map Worksheet
14.3 KB
Building An Online Presence
Planning Your Release
Getting Started
Target Audience Worksheet
448 KB
Sample Target Audience Worksheet
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Filling Out Your Target Audience Worksheet
Organic and Paid Marketing
Pre-Save Campaigns
Release Checklist
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Ok, Now What?