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The music industry has changed... and most artists have not.

We live in a world where streaming music through services like Spotify are at the forefront.

But with over 40,000 songs uploaded every single day to Spotify, music discovery has become exhausting to the average listener.

So how does one make some noise while others are, well, making noise too?

The answer is - Facebook and Instagram ads. They not only allow to reach your ideal target audience, but they also help you create a fan base that will not only follow you on Spotify, but will also follow and engage with your social media accounts.

But... how?

We followed a 3 step process to create a fanbase and grow our following.

It wasn't easy - but you can do this too. And I can show you how.

But who am I?

My name is Anthony Pacheco. Having played in bands since my early teens, I've taken my mistakes, accomplishments and everything in between to cultivate a perspective on the industry that helps developing artists get to where they want to be.

Find Anthony on Alternative Press, Billboard, New Fury Media + more.

You've probably seen my work if you've ever seen an advertisement from talent such as...

Now back to what I can teach you; Here is what you need to do to grow your project too.

First, you need to lay the groundwork.

Not only do you need to find your target audience, but you have to maximize your time and efforts as a developing artist - project management is your best friend here.

Second, you need to build a foundation.

You need to understand the theory behind marketing and learn the tools of the trade, such as Facebook Audience Insights, Chartmetric, Facebook Business & Ads Manager.

Third, you need to execute and implement.

You need to have confidence in your release - no one will believe in your music more than you. You also need to test different target demographics, copy, and creative

The tricky part of doing all of this?

  • You have to know who your most engaged fans are
  • You have to know who your target audience is
  • You have to know how to properly reach out to press outlets (and where to find them)
  • You need to know your way around Facebook Business Manager (and be able to run ads in an efficient manner)
And most importantly...

You need time.

Having time means that you’re capable of learning a new skill.
Having time means that you are willing to learn, practice and retain information that will allow you to reach the right people online, grow your Spotify and ultimately develop a fan base.

I'd like to invite you to our Academy.

Our Academy is an in-depth and on-demand video library I created to help you navigate the modern music industry.

Take charge and scale your music career's growth.

Inside you'll discover step by step videos on project management, DIY PR, Facebook & Instagram Ads, and Spotify Playlisting.

Who this is for ✅

  • You're feeling stuck in your music career. ‎
  • You're hungry to drive up your fanbase.
  • You're releasing music this year and are developing a plan of attack.
  • You have the "right" sound, but lack the marketing skills or knowledge.

Who this is NOT for ❌

  • You just want to write and play music.
  • You'd rather hire someone to do the work for you.
  • You don't have time to learn a new skill.
  • You don't need support at this point in your career.

After joining you will...

  • Unlock the tactics used for independent artists, labels, and management companies.
  • Be capable of implementing content marketing theory and grow your streams, merch sales, and fan base.

"Ok. This can't work for everyone."

Anthony has been working with my band I Met A Yeti, leading our marketing campaigns and social media. Anthony excels at all of these projects in a timely manner with clear and easy communication. He's gone above and beyond for our project, and I am confident he applies this same drive to all of his work. I would without question recommend Anthony to anyone in need of marketing assistance.

Daisy Chamberlain, I Met A Yeti
One of the major pivot points in the last 10 years of making music was my marketing sessions with Anthony. I cannot recommend enough the services of simpl. and with their help I now know what to do with my music when I finish making it (and reap the benefits/enjoyment of seeing people all over the world interact with it!).

Bryan Wehrkhamp, Companyon
Before I met Anthony I was ready to give up on my music. I had been grinding for a little over two years but had basically made no progress. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with him and he taught me everything I know about music marketing.

I have made more progress with my music career in the past 6 months than I ever thought imaginable, and I owe it to him.
Eric Favot, The Curse Within

You will also get access 500+ Spotify Curator & Blog Contacts, Pitching Templates + all new and upcoming future courses.


All for only $27 per month.


Join today and discover the latest in music promotion tactics, courses, resources and more.


Am I guaranteed results?

We do not offer any guarantees. Anyone that does is full of it.

How long will it take to get results?

With any type of marketing efforts, you can expect results after 3 months.

What makes you different than all the other gurus or agencies out there?

We don’t own a smart link platform, we don’t have 500 monthly listeners on Spotify and sell you on the idea of “making it”, we don’t claim to guarantee you getting an editorial playlist placement or get 1M streams in one month – we are simply here to either

a) provide you with the services you need.


b) provide you with the resources you need.

I’ve worn every hat in the book when it comes to being a musician, from booking my own shows and tours, hustling pre-sales, emailing every agent and record label for a chance at “making it” and everything else that comes with being a developing artist.

Will this work for X, Y, or Z genre?

The beautiful thing about detailed targeting options through marketing is that you are able to select target artists, genres + more. The strategies we cover can be applied to any style or genre of music (so long as it is targetable).

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