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Ready to Get Playlist and Blog Placements for YOUR Music?

Our Contact Sheet is perfect for musicians struggling to get their music out there.

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Get more streams on Spotify
  • Lock in premieres or reviews for your next release
  • Or increase your chances of algorithmic playlist placements

… then this is the community for you.

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Discover 750+ Spotify Curators, Blogs, Radios + more Waiting to Hear YOUR Music

With our contact sheet, we make your playlist and press outreach painless, quick, and easy. 

No longer do you need to go down the rabbit hole of the internet to find Spotify Curators and blogs to cover your music - we already did that for you.
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Organized and Up-to-Date Contacts for You

I'm OCD AF, and hate when I reach out to a curator or publication just to find out that it hasn't been updated in months.

I personally comb through the contacts to ensure that we link to only the most up to date and active curators and journalists out there. Pretty rad, right?

In our Academy, I’ve included everything you need to succeed, such as…

  • Contact info for 500+ up-to-date Spotify Playlist curators, blogs + more
  • A guide on how to craft the perfect email pitch to curators and blogs
  • A breakdown on how Spotify’s algorithm works and how their playlist ecosystem can work in your favor
  • + so much more!

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How Do I Use This Thing?

  • Open Up the Contact Sheet
  • Find the perfect playlist
  • Follow Our E-Mail Guide
  • Send Your Pitch
  • Get Playlisted
  • It's as simple as that!

Who Is This For?

This is not for the average Joe - Academy is for SERIOUS musicians that are looking to take the next step to further their career. Not ready to take the next step?
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What is simpl.?

simpl. is a music marketing agency built to provide marketing, consulting, and playlisting services for musicians, entertainment brands, and record labels.

Contact Sheet (Premium)

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